These are the tips that appear when going from map to map.

[Some grammatical and typographical errors are intended as it was seen in the real game]

Tip Description
1 Combine basic attack and skill to create your own combo [?]
2 Attack represents the damage inflicted on enemies
3 Accuracy will decrease enemy evasion, and increase attacking accuracy
4 Critical represents the chance of performing a critical attack
6 High evade stats will increase the evasion chance of enemy attack
7 Skills are categorized into active and passive skills
8 Flame will inflict a continuous bleeding damage to enemies
9 Frost will decrease enemy movement with a 'slow' effect
10 Holy will inflict a 'stun' on enemy
11 Dark will inflict 'confusion' on enemy
12 There are 5 types if items: normal, magic, rare, unique and unique
13 Set item consists of combination of weapon, head-armor and chest-armor
14 Special items exist in Hard and Hell modes of Zenonia 3
15 Equipped skill stone will be destroyed when Attribute stone is applied
16 Increase success of combining and refining by using supplement
17 Increase ability of item by using Sheathe Stone
18 Applied effects of Sheathe Stone will nullify previous Sheathe Stone effect
19 Hell mode is a free-to-roam mode, without the need of completing quests
20 Ores from different areas contain different ingredients
21 Time passes during map movement and talking to NPC
22 Potion and food have cooltime. Time must elapse...[?]
23 Temple Manager fully restores HP and SP
24 Certain maps require stones to be placed on top of switches
25 Repair can be done at the blacksmith of by using Repair Hammer
26 Dashing will allow you to avoid traps
27 Gold can be received for killing monsters
28 Monster info box changes color according to the difference of level between you and the monster.
29 Origin of Life allows you to revive without receiving penalties
30 You cannot save or use Teleport Scroll within boss stages
31 Return destination myst be set before using Teleport Scroll
32 Excessive play may be harmful
33 Magic Power from the Item Shop increase ... [?]
34 Bosses are more resistant to elemental attacks
35 HP and SP automatically recovers as time is progressed
36 Use your brain to unsolve puzzle maps
37 Random items can be acquired by smashing boxes
38 Fairy's sync gauge is slowly accumulated when monsters are killed
39 Hammer icon will blink when the durability of equipment is low
40 Entrances and exits on certain maps may vary
41 Monsters may run away when face in danger
42 Monsters may call for backup when their HP is low
43 Certain monsters use elemental skills
44 Movement is limited when stunned, but receiving damage will lift the status
45 You can't move when you're stunned
46 HP will deplete in a bleeding state
47 You can't use dash when you're in a slow state
48 Dark Merchant only appears at specific hours of the night
49 Certain terrain requires you to cross using a rope
50 Certain terrain may be climbed
51 Houses within towns have NPCs who may trigger sub-quests
52 Mining will decrease the durability of Pickax
53 Combat may be eased by the equal distribution of stat points
54 Special items may be bought.....Dark merchants who appear at specific....
55 Make sure to stock up your potions before entering the boss room
56 Two Way Portal is an effective method to travel between maps
57 Skills are differentiated into hunting and PvP mode.
58 Don't forget to set the return destination every time you visit a new town
59 Combined items will be more stronger than normal items
60 Don't for get to manage your inventory from time to time
61 Buy Pickax from shop if they are destroyed
62 Execution Room is categorized into 3 rooms : challenge, limit
63 Some monsters attack enemies and allies
64 Legendary Monsters randomly appears at certain maps
65 You can acquire higher EXP by killing Legendary Monsters
66 Monsters use hiding, teleporting, recovery and defensive types of skills
67 EXP reward will vary according to the floor level of Execution Room
68 Clear all floors of Execution Room to receive a special bonus
69 Acquire Spirit stone from Spirit Manager when the fairy's sync gauge is full
70 Spirit stone is categorized into Attribute Stone....
71 Fairy's skill stone automatically creates an advantageous buff
72 Skill level of the Spirit stone is determined when it is....
73 Use the Stone of Awakening to acquire spirit stone when the fairy's sync gauge is not full
74 Fairy's skill stone.....
75 Acquire titles by clearing special hidden missions
76 Acquire items through treasure boxes in various maps
77 Clear the Hard Mode to unreveal a hidden story