Type Shadow Hunter Sword Knight Mechanic Launcher Nature Shaman Requirements
Water Universe Dimension Enchantment Life


Sapphire Diamond Emerald Garnet
Type-1 Ingredient Divination Blade Jewel Hilt P Barrel Enchant L 2 Bronzes and a Gem type
Type-2 Ingredient Gun Blade Orcon Hilt S Barrel Enchant N 2 Irons and a Gem Type
Arcana Cup Sword Coin Wand Water Type and a Piece of Doom
Damage per level +8 +9 +7 +10
Class Ingredient Leather Oil Anvil Hammer Chain Thread Needle

Here is the Weapon Scroll Table


Shadow Hunter Sword Knight Mechanic Launcher Nature Shaman Requirements Where to Obtain
10 Dragon Claw* Zweihander Norspear Lill's Rod* Type-1 ingredient and 5 bronzes. Delfoy Shop


Knuckle Crash Holy Sword Spear Bolt Croce Wand Type-1 ingredient and 5 irons Karc Tooths, Paramanon Shop
34 Full Metal Spike Soul Breaker


Ragna Stick Type-2 ingredient and 5 Mithrils Amarance Shop, Diamondis
46 Thunder Claw Demon Blood Gungnir Designated Arcana Type and a Piece of Immortal At Tarshen Shop
58 God Power Claw Chrysaor Godhand Cannon Type-2 ingredient and 5 Mithrils Devil Royalguards,Fire Hell
  • Due to rarity of gems in Delfoy and lack of ingredients, Dragon Claw is extremely hard to obtain or is unobtainable at the moment (or either undiscovered yet). This makes the rest of the class have the ability to get Zweihander, Lill's Rod and the Norspear given the P Barrel, Jewel Hilt and Enchant L found in Akun Temple

Equipment Scroll Table

Level Type Shadow Hunter Sword Knight Mechanic Launcher Nature Shaman Requirements Where to Obtain
12 Helmet Netted Hood Steel Kepi Felt Helmet Kronos Visor Class Ingredient and a Magic Stone Delfoy Shop
14 Armor Hermit's Vest Steel Armor Round Tunic Glass Robe Class Ingredient and a Sheathe Stone Delfoy Shop
32 Helmet Ample Gear Mental Kepi Nunchaku Gear Paramanon Shop
34 Armor Victory Vest Orhalcon Armor Mechanic Tunic Class Ingredient and a Piece of Chaos Paramanon Shop or from Lirenn(?) of Maru Tribe
52 Helmet Giant's Hood Orhalcon Kepi Platinum Designated Water and Arcana Type As Reward from Haziel

Level 34 Armors have a chance of being a Rage Armor once it is created.

Accessory Scrolls

Accessories are essentially combined with Artifact - a neutral ingredient bought in the shop for 500g

Tier 1 Accessories require only an Artifact and a basic accessory (Silver Necklace, Cloth Cape, Silver Ring, Paper Amulet)

Tier 1 Accessory Type Where to Obtain Level
Elvin Flora Necklace Delfoy Shop 15
Pluto Cape Maru Tribe Shop
Mobius Ring Ring Maru Tribe Shop
Blood Red Amulet Amulet Maru Tribe Shop

Tier 2 Accessories require a basic accessory, an Artifact and a Rune Dust. Rune Dusts are dropped by Demons, Basils and Diamondis

Tier 2 Accessory Type Where to Obtain Level
Ruby Slime Necklace from Jevin/Phillip, Tarshen Shop?
Shadow of Memory Cape Tarshen Shop?
Ring of Lord Ring Tarshen Shop? 37?
Vanished Hero Amulet Tarshen Shop? 39?

In advance, stock up one to 3 Ruby Slimes if you are to finish the sidequests, particularly in Tarshen, for it requires a Ruby Slime to complete it, therefore, storing about 5 Silver Necklaces is recommended.

In addition, higher accessory scrolls can be obtained, such as Libra, which can be dropped by monsters inside the deep maps of Antione's Labyrinth. [Libra  needs a Holy Stone, Artifact, and a Silver Neckace]

Miscellaneous Scrolls

Several scrolls for consumables are obtainable as well.

Type Requirements