-Outer Iris-

Frey: Where have you been?

Chael: Frey?

Frey: I've been worried to death about you! You disappeared without a trace.

Chael: I know, I'm sorry. Frey: I was so scared. I thought I would never see you again.

Chael: Me too, I came looking to pick some flowers for you.

Chael: Oh, flowers. Frey, take this. It's an Azalia flower, they're very scarce.

Frey: (Azalia?)

Chael: They're beautiful, aren't they? But you're more beautiful.

Frey: I've been looking for those flowers.

Frey: Azalia from the Heavenly Realm. It symbolizes first love.

Chael: Frey?

Frey: Chael, can't you recognize me?

Chael: Of course i can. You're Frey!

Frey: Silly... You're so bad with girls. You never looked into my heart.

(....If you could recognize me.....(?) )

Chael: Celine? Is that you? Frey: Yes. My real name is Celine. I've been waiting (for) a thousand years to reunite with the one who rescued me.

Frey: Chael... I've been waiting for you to return and bring me the flowers for you to recognize me. My love, Chael.

-Few months later- 

Chael: Celine, why have you brought me here?

Runa: Why did you call me as well?

Frey: I have someone who i want to introduce.

Frey: Follow me.

- On some part of the field. Rherican was at there, along with a portal.-

Chael: Huh?! It's Rherican.

Runa: It's the cute Maru Tribe fella!

Rherican: It has been a long time.

Chael: Didn't you all go up to the Heavenly Realm?

Rherican: Maru Tribe decided to remain in Midgard.

Chael: There are still Unique Monsters there. It's still dangerous.

Rherican: That's why I have come here.

Frey: The remainder of the Devil Tribe and Unique Monsters are still lurking about (around) Midgard.

Frey: They're expanding and threatening the existence of the Maru Tribe.

Rherican: You must help us.

Runa: Meh... Again?

Frey: Runa?

Chael: That's her new word, 'Meh'. She uses it all the time.

Rherican: Please help. We're still in need of a hero.

Frey: Chael and Runa... Please help them. Only you guys are capable.

Chael: Hmmm... Okay! I'm in! What about you, Runa?

Chael: Runa?

Runa: Meh... How many apple pies will it be this time?

Rherican: We have plenty at our town. I'll escort you there.

Frey: Chael, you must be careful. Don't get hurt.

Chael: Ha ha ha! Don't worry, Celine. I'm not that level one kid anymore!

Chael: Shall we go back to Midgard?

- Chael and Runa enters the portal and arrives at the Town of Maru Tribe -

Chael: Now, let's (get) the party started!

-Hell mode starts-