Zavkiel was an important figure at Deva Castle in Zenonia 2. As one of the four heroes chosen to protect Deva, Zavkiel was famed by all citizens. After returning to the castle from a mourning stroll, he sees Lu, Ecne, Morpice, and Daza, believing that the four were the heroes he dreamt that would return the memories with the power of the Holy gems. He entrusts the four to find the gems, and promised the four saviors one wish for the gems. When all four gems were found, Zavkiel was about to take the gems before a servant of his was one of the thieves that tried to steal the gem. Zavkiel finally reveals his true intentions, and runs off with the gems. He is found to serve Ladon and resurrects him through a ritual, but is however, defeated by the heroes, and dies.