Wolfred Dupre
Dupre was the commander of the Holy Knights and the foster father of Regret. He is actually the father of Sun and was killed by a demon in Ayles.


Dupre was the commander of the Holy Knights. He is a powerful, tall and muscular warrior well known as the knight in silver armor, though kind hearted and has high regard for life.

In the past, he was the father of Sun, and was married to an unknown diseased wife. It was revealed that he has been injured in many exhibitions. Evidence showed that he had a crescent moon shaped scar on his leg, and half of his right ear chopped.

He found Regret as a baby on the battle field and resolved to leave his Command in order raise the child as his own. He moved to the Town of Ayles where he changed his name to Pardon.

Dupre tried to seal the Seed of Chaos inside Regret, but failed and was killed by Osiris.

During the storyline, Regret mentions Dupre, calling him "father" when doing quests. It wasn't until Charity learned that Dupre WAS the commander of the Holy Knights and father of Sun. When Regret became commander, Sun found Dupre's journal and learned that Dupre's reasons with why he left, making her relationship with Regret bitter.

Upon Regret defeats Osiris, Dupre will tell him that they don't know if their decisions are right or wrong, but they won't know until they try.

Zenonia 4Edit

In Zenonia 4, Dupre does not actually appear, It is Azimet in disguise,Azimet is the Warden in the Land of the fallen