Vicious is one of the main antagonists in Zenonia and is a member of the Dragon Clan. Her primary weapon is a whip like blade and a claw on her left hand.



A woman that works for the Dragon Clan. She is first seen at the Battle of TriPalo where she sees Regret wondering if he really holds the power of a demon. She is forced out of her thoughts, however, when Vague arrives and challenges her. She manages to beat him in combat, but is quickly struck down when Commander Dupre arrives. Years later, she is seen again when Regret hears fighting. She is once again in combat with Vague (who is now the commander of the Holy Knights) where she is at first forced back by Vague.

Regret can choose to either help her or let the fight continue. If Regret chooses to help her, Vague lets his guard down from the sudden interference and Vicious takes the advantage to force him to retreat. If Regret chooses to let the fight continue, Vague eventually overwhelmes her, forcing her to retreat. If Regret did choose to help her, she later meets him at the Guild of Night in Adonis where she realizes that Regret is the baby from the Batle of TriPalo. She then instructes the Guild Captain to induct Regret into the Guild of Night.

After destroying Pale, Vicious appears and orders Regret to return to the Valley of Despair. Once Regret is ordered to find Vicious, you will find her badly injured. She will tell Regret her final words, and die.

If you are on the good side, you will fight Vicious as the second boss when ordered to defend the second shrine. With a last ditch, Vicious self detonated before dying.

It is hinted in a flashback that she had some relation to Dupre, although she called him 'Wolfram'.