Vague is the 2nd commander of the holy knights, and the second boss in Zenonia (If you're evil). He is treated as a brother to Dupre and is an ally to Regret if good.


Vague, early in the beginning of the first game, is one of the most powerful members of the Holy Knights and is Commander Dupre's best friend. During the battle of Tripalo, Dupre decided to retire and leave Vague in command of the knights. Thoughout the game, if you choose to be good, Vague sends you on missions to protect the Seals that prevents evil overcoming the world. During an attempt to protect the final seal, he is badly injured by the powerful enemies inside, and tells Regret his final words.

If you chose to protect Vicious, Vague will recognize you and flee once Vicious attacks. He will also be the second boss and once defeated will die, realizing that Regret was the seed of chaos.

Zenonia 2: Lost MemoriesEdit

While he did not appear in the sequal, there were statues of Vague in the castle of Deva, pointing out his sword.