Luxferre is a Divine Tribe member and is the son of Pontifex Temir. He is also Chael's brother but he is unaware of it until his father mentions it to him during the Hard ending of Zenonia 3.

Zenonia 3 Edit

Luxferre is shown to have hatred against Chael because of their race. In the beginning he even gives Chael false information and a fake quest in order to kill him. This hatred is intensified slowly as the game progresses shown when Luxferre tries to kill Chael in the Maru Tribe's town and telling Pontifex Temir lies in order to keep Chael from completing his goal of returning home. When Chael battles Pontifex Temir in the first ending, Pontifex Temir dies from the wounds inflicted by Chael. Upon seeing his father's corpse and the marks left by Chael, he tracks Chael down and tries to kill him, one time with his "good powers" and another with his "dark powers". In the first ending he is killed by Chael. In the second ending he is first shocked upon hearing his father say Chael is his brother (believing his brother died with his mother) and is sorry for how he treated him. He goes to help Chael fight Dark Lord Antione but fails to even hurt the Dark Lord. When Chael defeats Antione and opens the portal to the Heavenly Realm, Luxferre and Pontifex Temir offer Chael a place in the Heavenly Realm, but Chael declines.

Zenonia 4 Edit

Luxferre makes a short appearance, having introduced himself as the Heavenly Knight-Captain, and unexpectedly emerging from the portal to Heavenly Realm when Regret and Elisa gets to it (and appears to have the same sword as his sibling). Luxferre is wounded and faints, only to be revived by Elisa and Regret. Luxferre asks Regret about Chael's whereabouts and even mentions that Chael is his brother then leaves to go tell Chael about the situation in the Heavenly Realm.