Langue is one of two fairies (known as Nymphs) in Zenonia. She, along with Parole, are first met when Regret spots them in the midst of a heated argument.

After a brief conversation, the three of them enter the Seal of Deceit.

Langue, along with Parole, will translate the text on the seal. After the seal collapses, if Regret is on the 'evil' path, she will leave before he awakens, according to Parole, because she 'doesn't like where things are going'. If Regret is on the 'good' path, she will stay and Parole will leave.

Zenonia 2Edit

Langue and Parole enter Monica's house when the player first arrives at the Town of Iris, to inform Monica that Lepe has been surrounded by monsters. They both leave immediately afterwards.

For the rest of the game, Langue will stay at Airis's house(The house next to Mimi). After your character finds the Golden Book, Langue will ask you to find her treasure from some thieves, which you have the opportunity.