Zenonia 4 - Frodo

Froo, Ladon's minion

Frodo is a minion of Ladon, the Dark Lord. You encounter him before destroying Ladon's seal. He has the ability to shoot tentacles out of the ground, summon dark zombies and summon the fire seal.


  • Dark zombie: Usually, Frodo cannot attack you when not in radius, so he summons zombies to chase you around. they are kind of like frodo's third eye. when a zombie sees you, frodo can attack you. the zombies are very slow.
  • Fire seal: Frodo summons a circle of fire around you. You can break through it, but is will cause you damage. There is a chance that you might turn purple, which means you go the opposite way you command to go.
  • Tentacle sprout: A dark circle appears under you and then a tentacle comes out. It gives you plenty of time to dodge, and does not chase you.