"Fairies are the closest thing to the Creator, He made them to assist brave heroes on their journey to save the world"


Nymphs, also called Fairies are immortal yet small winged entities that accompany heroes on journeys. They include Langue, Parole, Lepe, Runa, Anya and Celina. Fairies are said to be from the Great Creator, as it was evidenced from the Spirit Stone from Zenonia 3 that it was made out of fairies, and thus is a very powerful race, which is why Fairies are assigned to be with the heroes.

Fairies appear to be very powerful, and can travel in time in Zenonia 4.

Fairies appeared in every sequel of Zenonia.

As of Zenonia 3, you can equip runes on them to help in battle, the four types of runes are: frost, fire, holy, and shadow.

Zenonia 2 has the most fairies and is the only installment that includes a fairy from a previous game.

Additional Information Edit

  • They are capable of picking up items for the player rather than picking up loots by themselves, called as Auto-Routing.
    • Since auto-routing allows auto item pick-ups, it is a tendency to pick unwanted items and thus takes another job. (although Zenonia 3 allows toggle)

Chronological AppearancesEdit

Zenonia (2009) : Langue and Parole

Zenonia 2 (2010) : Langue, Parole, and Lepe

Zenonia 3 (2011) : Runa

Zenonia 4 (2011) : Anya 

Zenonia 5 (2012) : Celina