The Divine tribe are angelic species originating from the Heavenly Realm. They are one of the four main race in Zenonia 3 where they have fallen from their realm after a battle with the devil tribe. They usually have wings however some are wingless, which was then called the Degenerated, such as chael (up until the near end of the first story). The Degenerated tribe was said to have its wings detached and resembles the humans.

They have an appearance in the fourth game, apparantly staying in ruins of the heavenly realm after monster attacks

Degenerated Tribe

The degenerated tribe is a divine tribe that has lost it's wings.Humans may be confused by the other tribes as a degenerated tribe.

According to one tomb at the Roku Mines (which was warded by Jerer, a member of the Maru) and of some stories, the Degenerated and the Divine at first (most probably at Lewiel's reign) were equal to each other, as if there were peace. However, as Temir grasps power to supercede her, and has successfully ranked as the pontifex, the Degenerated from that time on, were scorned and discriminated, for an instance, being incarcerated or being slain by the monsters.