The Devil Tribe are the sworn enemies of the Divine Tribe and one of the major races in Zenonia 3. They are first seen in the intro where the Holy War has been initiated in Coelraum and the two teams were led by Temir and the company of the Divine; and Tariq, of the Devil.The realm then crumbles and the game starts after the story.

Types (Z3) Edit

There are kinds of Devils that can be fought within some places of Midgard.

General Scylla:The boss giantess that guards the Midgard Bridge, wielding a pillar and also uses miasmic flatulence that deals damage and a chance to get addiction. Scylla can also be fought in the Execution Room.

Soldiers: The generic winged and armored warriors. They can be found in some areas of Lorela, guarding the Midgard Bridge, and some, were situated in their camp. (Level 12 in Normal)

Guards: Are more powerful armored warriors situated inside the Nifel Fortress.

Grenadiers: (written ingame as Granadier) Are higher class of legless Devils. Found outside the Nifel and some in its interiors, and on one case, in one place in Lorela (before completing Reconnaisance) although needs tedious attention to kill one by some classes. Has a legendary version called Top Granadier. (Level 47 in Normal, 80 in Hard and 90 in Hell)

Royal Guards: Are more powerful and blue-colored version of regular Grenadiers. (91 in Hell)

Mine Supervisors: Are pink and round monsters that roam the Zone D of the Roku Mines. They use ropes as whips and also has the capability to be invisible and reappear.

General Angfiez: The legendary version of Mine Supervisors and one of the generals of Tariq.
Devil Supervisors: Similar to Mine Supervisors, but are stronger and wears darker colors.Found in the Labyrinth
Top Supervisors: Exclusive supervisors that can be fought before Tariq (in Normal Mode).

Fire Bull: Red/ Green(in Hard and Hell) winged minotaurs that lurk within the Labyrinth.

Fire Hell: an other version of Fire Bulls, but were purple and quite more powerful.


  • Although Tariq was maddened by the demise of two of his generals, Angfiez being one of the two generals that was said he is dead, still spawns within Roku Mines D zone as the legendary monster