Below is a list of the abilities Daza has available throughout the game.

Note: The stats shown are for the first level of the skill. They will increase with further levels.

Level 1Edit

Dragon Cut: Active/Max 3/Cost 60SP/Additional Damage 100%/Stun Chance 30%/Duration 45f

"Attack Enemy with strong uppercut."

Cry of Beast: Active/Max 5/Cost 100SP/Confusion Chance 50%/Duration 80f

"Explode energy to puzzle enemy for a fixed time."

Outrage of Beast: Passive/Max 10/Attack 2%

"Increase Attack."

Resistance of Prisoner: Passive/Max 10/Magic Defense 5%

"Increase defense due to attacking element."

Level 10Edit

Phoenix Smash: Requires Dragon Smash to learn Active/Max 5/Cost 120SP/Additional Damage 20%/Stun Chance 15%/Duration 50f

"Reduce gap and launch a claw attack. Enemy will be stunned."

Knuckle Boom: Active/Max 4/Cost 180SP/Additional Damage 100%/Continuous Damage 20%/Bleeding Chance 50%/Duration 150f

"Spinning attack causing flame damage."

Spirit of Solidarity: Requires Cry of Beast to learn. Active/Max 5/Cost 150SP/HP skill 50%/Duration 300f

"Use skills by using HP instead of SP for a fixed time."

Brutality of Beast: Passive/Max 10/Critical Attack Chance + 1

"Increase Critical attack."

Nature of Beast: Passive/Max 10/Critical Increase by HP

"Increase critical attack rate due to health."

Level 20Edit

Hyper Flying Kick: Requires Phoenix Smash to learn. Active/Max 2/Cost 150SP/Additional Damage 30%

"Perform rotating kick attack."

Nature's Protection: Active/Max 5/Cost 200SP/Immunity Chance 60%/Duration 200f

"Immunity from Confusion, Slow, Stun, and Numb."

Leather of Wild Animal: Passive/Max 10/Defense 1%

"Increase Defense."

Soldier Reflex: Passive/Max 10/Evade +2

"Increase Evade."

Level 30Edit

Nature's Swiftness: Active/Max 3/Cost 150SP/Cool Time -20%/Duration 200f

"Decrease skill cool time for a fixed time."

Beserka: Requires Nature's Protection to learn. Active/Max 4/Cost 200SP/Increase Attack 5%/Decrease Defense 5%/Duration 160f

"Increase Attack and decrease Defense for a fixed time."

Energy Damage: Active/Max 4/Cost 240SP/Additional Damage 80%/Stun Chance 15%/Duration 60f

"Hand attack, enemy will be stunned at a fixed rate."

Survival Instinct: Passive/Max 10/HP + by Strength

"Increase HP rate due to Strength"

Power of Blood: Passive/Max 10/Final Damage + by HP

"Increase Total Damage due to Health."

Level 40Edit

Incarnation Tree: Active/Max 5/Cost 400SP/Additional Damage 50%/Paralysis Chance 40%/Duration 60f

"Make a clone to attack all enemys on screen."