a Warrior

Melée fighter, uses martial arts.

 *Main Hand: Knuckle

  • Sub Weapon: Orb

Daza is an honorable warrior of few words, though has been known to possess a talent for singing,

Member of the Kataljo Hunters, part of the Minotaur Tribe. Mentions other members Nicoon, Tuturan and a Chief.

Daza mysteriously disappears after the events of Zenonia 2. He is mentioned by Regret in Zenonia 3, but it is not known why he doesn't appear in Zenonia 4 with Lu, Ecne, and Morpice. It is possible that he started living somewhere else, or he may have died between Zenonia 3 and Zenonia 4.


Daza, the sole survivor of the Minotaur Tribe and also one of the member of the Kataljo Hunters return from his mission and receives his share from the shop keeper who approaches to Daza. Daza, who is feared by his looks by everyone is scared at first but later opens up by answering his requests and questions when he asks another. While Daza comes back from another mission, he witnesses the same shopkeeper threatened. He first tells them off and later he uses force against them and tells the shop keeper to run away with him, the shop keeper scared, telling Daza off as he not only threatened his life but his family life. Meanwhile the soldiers of the Deva Castle ambushes Daza and the shop keeper. The shop keeper tells the soldiers he wasn't involved and this is how Daza ends up in the prison along side with the three characters; Lu, Ecne and Morpice. The rest is up to you players to see what happens

Zenonia S Rifts in the timeEdit

Daza is avaliable now in that game.


See Daza (Abilities).

Pros & Cons about using him: Edit

Pros: Edit

A fast attacker dealing hard-hitting blows ranging from single to multiple attacks. Has high CON, normal DEX & STR. Character that has the fastest walking speed for players to use to their advantage either for a preemptive attack or escaping.

Cons: Edit

Some of his skills require HP consumption (take note of that) that is why he has the most CON among characters. Like Ecne's drawback, he has a tendency to 'bump' into enemy attacks if close to them. He's a bit fragile on some accounts as his equipment suggests monk-like features.

Overall: Edit

Recommended for players who love to attack close by and deal multiple fast attacks. Can use HP in exchange for skill execution if running low on SP.