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Celina as she appears when talking

Celina is the fairy who accompanies Abel/Evan/Neal/Ryan in Zenonia 5. She appears as a dark-skinned fairy with long pink hair. She is kind, innocent, and unlike fairies like Anya or Runa, she is very polite. However, she suffers from amnesia due to the overuse of her powers, and travels to find out her origins.


Celina is a fairy that accompanied Aster. When Aster invaded Deva, Celina tried to reason with him, but in the end Aster destroyed her, unknowing that Celina actually teleported to the mine. There she meets the character the player chose (Abel, Evan, Ryan, or Neal). 

Celina decides to accompany the hero, and helps him on his quest to protect Lisa and defeat the Asterians, while giving advice to the hero and protecting him.


Just like most fairies, Celina can create Elemental Runes from her body based on the four attributes: Fire, Frost, Holy, and Dark. This will give the player the element based on the rune. She can also equip skill stones that will give the hero skill buffs when in danger, increasing his stats.