Anya was a fairy sent by the "Creator" to accompany Regret (entirely of Zenonia 4 but sometimes, unpresent).

At the beginning of the story (first playthrough) she has no memory of who she is nor who Regret is.The memory loss was caused by using an enormous amount of her powers to bend time and transport the "Future" Regret as well as herself back in time (as stated by "Future" Regret and the ending of the first playthrough).

She seems to fall into a fatal condition whenever she controls a large influx of energy and sometimes rewipe her mind but the memories were regained. Anya is pretty much your whole game suu buffs (when present. Note that you cannot gain sync, from gems or gain exp for the fairy when she is not present) when you are in and out of combat. She plays a major role in Zenonia 4 being the one who trans