"He is a low-ranked god, one of the original traitors........"

- Pontifex Temir

Antione is one of the leaders of the Devil Tribe, appearing in Zenonia 3 as the main antagonist.

Zenonia 3 Edit

Antione was the demon king of the devil tribe and demigods that betrayed the Great Creator. However, during the war between the Divine Tribe and Devil tribe, Antione was seemingly defeated. Despite his defeat the Devil Tribe continued to find a way to resurrect him.

After the Holy War, Tariq, leader of the Devil Tribe has found a way to resurrect Antione, to use the blood of Ladon and reshape him. Throughout the story Tariq mentions Antione's name, frequently promising his resurrection.

After Chael defeats Tariq and rescues Regret, the ground underneath them crumbles and they fall into a hidden chamber. Once Chael recovers, Regret explains to him the truth: he has Ladon's blood within him and has separated himself from civilization to prevent any potential damage. Antione then makes his move and consumes Regret's body and soul, noting how powerful it is due to Ladon's blood. Chael engages him in battle, and he successfully defeats Antione. Before vanishing, he swears that other Demon Kings will avenge him.

It is said that Antione does not have a physical body and just has been inserted in a cosmic figure.