Zenonia 1 Edit

Adonis town is located East of Ayles and South of Garlic Lake. It is the city Billy tells Regret to go to after he cuts down the Cori tree. Billy tells Regret that he has already told a friend about him and hands him a letter telling him to go seek a man named Rokane at a bar and give him the letter.

Once at Adonis, Regret will look for the bar, asking a girl named Sun if she knows where Rokane is. Sun will recognize the seal on the letter as the Guild of Night and direct Regret to the south west of town where the guild is located.

After handing off the letter to a busy Rokane, the earth shakes, and Regret heads to Adonis Forest. Depending on the player's decision to help Vicious, Regret will either go to the Guild of Light, or the Guild of Night. This is the starting point of the 'good' and 'evil' path.

Zenonia 4 Edit

Adonis town is a village where you have more than 10 missions and 2 bosses, the bosses being Frodo and Baki. After defeating Frodo, Anya transports you into the future to Deva Castle.